Scratch Definition Money

Scratching like money, could mean that it is an agreed standard to track value. I`ll give you 10 pounds of potatoes, you make a scratch somewhere, like a big book. In return, you agree to give me milk or do work, and then I scrape it off the ledger or scratch a mark indicating that the debt has been repaid. Embarrassingly, he scratched at the break and completely dropped the signal from the table. Etymology: [OE. cracchen (possibly influenced by OE. scratten to scratch); cf. OHG. chrazzn, G.

kratzen, OD. kratsen, kretsen, D. krassen, Sw. kratsa zu kratzen, kratta zu rakeken, zu kratzen, Dan. kradse to scratch, to scratch, Icel. Krota to engrave. See friction for friction.] I should have scratched your invisible eyes to make my Lord out of love for you. William Shakespeare. The smaller the particles of these substances, the smaller the scratches will be, through which they will constantly interfere and wear out the glass until it is polished; But if they are never so small, they can only wear the glass out but rub it, scratch it and break the protrusions: and so they polish it only by bringing its roughness to a very fine grain, so that the scratches and cracks of the surface become too small to be visible. Isaac Newton, Opt. It`s scratch paper, so scribble whatever you want. Mark a surface with a sharp object and leave a scratch (name).

I don`t like this new scarf because it scratches my neck. The expression to zero has its origins in the world of sport. In the 18th century, the scratch was used for a line or marker that served as a starting point for a competition or competition. For example, to start or continue a fight, a pugilist would «scratch» and position himself on a line drawn through the prize ring. Until the end was quickly used figuratively by anyone who was willing and able to do something. Over the years, the use of the phrase has evolved somewhat, but something that is «up to date» can still be described as ready and capable because it is able to work or work as intended. A disturbance, mark or flat cut on a surface caused by scratches. It`s certainly a good time saver, but if you want to start all over again, that`s fine too. Other mechanical aids that Aretæus uses to provide sleep, especially scratching the temples and ears. Arbuthnot.

I believe that the term «scratch» used instead of money has an old agricultural past, as in a chicken has to «scratch» around the barn yard to find something to eat. «Scratch» means money to live on. I`d rather hear my dog barking at a crow than see a man swear he loves me. ———— Keep your lady still in this memory! Thus, a gentleman will make a predestined scratched face. ———— scratching couldn`t make things worse, a face like yours. William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing. If you have a lot of ideas, find another outlet for them in the current business, first look at something you don`t do in your current organization to scratch off one of those itching. Here is an example of scratches and itching used correctly in the same sentence. 1580s, «a slight wound or laceration, a slight crack in a skin or surface created by something sharp or rough,» from scratch (v.). The meaning «marking or light metal groove, etc.» dates back to the 1660s. Dear Detective of Words: I`ve heard the phrase «start from scratch» or «start from scratch» and wonder where it came from. Can you help me? — Barbara Schultz.

Want to know more? Read the full breakdown of the difference between scratching and itching. Middle English scracchen, probably mix of scratten to scratch and cracchen to scratch However, other industries may have the ability to update existing content instead of creating something from scratch that heavily overlaps with what you`ve already published. By helping us become smarter together, community intelligence holds untapped potential that we are only beginning to scratch the surface. However, the reason you`ve been looking for this is that itching is sometimes used informally to mean the same thing as scratching, as in Try not to itch your mosquito bites – it will only itch them! Language purists often want to make it clear that you`re scratching an itch, but this verbal use of itching is quite common. Unfortunately, «scratching» as slang for «money» that appeared in the early 20th century is a complete mystery. «We think it`s really going to change the whole experience so you can focus more on relaxation, we`re doing it in a way that goes beyond anything that`s been done anywhere. We started from scratch on how to improve the customer experience, and then we adapted the technology to that. «Break the commitment»; «cancel dinner»; «We had to clean up our vacation plans»; «Scratch this assembly – the chair is sick» How can I say, except that his claws can scratch my son or tear his delicate hand.